Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 326 - 21st November 2012 - Wet Branches, Chickadee and Reflections

Wednesday has reared it's ugly head and I'm off to town today. Temperature is really mild this morning at +3.2. Well it won't be so bad, have lots to do and have some help coming too. Also, going to lunch with a friend so that should be a nice outing and I'm looking forward to it. I have a feeling the day will fly by. Have some errands to run while I'm in as well, one day during the week means a mad dash to give everything done, but I enjoy the winter break at home.
Well I earned a well deserved lazy evening in front of the television last evening. Worked hard at the kitchen all day, everything is done but cleaning out the fridge which I'll do on Friday, since that's usually when it's the emptiest. Decided to do a chicken casserole instead of soup for supper, it was sort of a mock chicken pot pie, but used egg noodles on the bottom and puff pastry on the top with chicken, veggies, left over dressing and a sauce. Not bad. I like dealing with leftovers, means I don't have to think too hard and we have enough for supper on Wednesday.

Thought I'd check and see what was going on in Grandmother's Journal this morning:
Tuesday 21st November 1972
Still overcast in morning. Looked like snow or rain. So far didn't get any. Late afternoon sun came out Mother and I walked over to Simmons to see if there was a partridge. Didn't even see a robin. Real nice but cold and quite windy. Bob & Bobbie looked traps, no beaver again today. Real cold tonight. Jays still coming to Sid's shelter. I'm still not feeling so hot. Arm aches off an on.
Wednesday 22nd November 1972
Bob's birthday. Lovely, sunny, very cold day. Bob & Bobbie still trying for one more beaver. Made a cake for Birthday. Mother and I walked to Simmon's, Lore's, Reg's. No partridge Good walk. Nuthatch still around

The chairs were enjoying a lovely view of the lake yesterday morning.
The tree branches were glimmering with color as the frost melted in the sun.
Reflections of trees in the lake.
Wasn't happy to see this bit of ice today, just a thin layer but....
And of course the friendly little Chickadee.
I just thought this was kind of cool. Taken on an angle, the trees look like of fuzzy and distorted in the lake.

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  1. Thanks for "Grandmother's Journal" just what was needed for hump day....have to admit that is a really cool picture ....keep waiting for the bird's to swarm as it put in mind of something out of Alfred Hitchcok lol
    Enjoy your lunch with a friend...nice to know you have more than one friend lol could not resist and oh by the way i would have traded fishcakes for a bit of that casserole :)