Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 307 - 2nd November 2012 - The Lake, Leaves and Rain drops

Well Friday has come around again, can't believe the week has flown by so quickly. Stars are out this morning and temperature is +6.9. Lots to do around here this morning, we are heading to Dorothy & Roger's tomorrow for a visit and I've got to go to town this afternoon. Our annual Veteran's Coffee Party and Display is being held at the library at 2pm, but need to set up the display ahead of time. So I'm off to do some volunteer work. Will grab some groceries while in town and do a few other errands. Made brownies yesterday [sorry Sherri] so when I get home today with whip cream, skor bars etc. I'll put together a Death by Chocolate Trifle to take with us.
The sun came out yesterday afternoon which was a welcome visitor. Of course we did have a hard shower after supper on the way to exercise class, hopefully that's it for a few days. Made it through another class - some things are getting easier others near impossible - thanks to Cindy for the encouragement when my opposite limbs don't want to co-operate at the same time!  Can't believe it's so mild, we haven't had a fire on in the furnace for most of the week. Easy on the wood pile! Got another room done yesterday - my sewing room which also houses my photograph collection, extra recipe books that don't fit in the pantry and a catch all for a few  other things. Several garbage bags of junk were purged from that room and I can now get around in there again. One of the items on my winter bucket list is to go through all my photos and organize them. I've had this on the list for several years but never seem to get it done. These aren't photos I've taken but ones I've inherited. Guess I better get a few more albums.
Still a little bit of color along the shorelines.
I love this bush in the neighbour's yard.
The sun was trying to break through.
A few maple leaves left.
And some oak leaves.
Rain drops remain on the empty branches.
My coffee cup is empty, so time to refill and figure out what needs to be done. Enjoy your day!

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