Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 324 - 19th November 2012 - Sunrises, Frost, Big Machines and Birds

Went to bed last night super early and slept forever, it was nice to have those extra hours, hopefully that doesn't mean I won't sleep the rest of the week. Temperature is nippy this morning at -2.6. Guess most mornings will be like that now. This month is racing by pretty quickly so I think I better get myself kick started into gear and finish the fall cleaning. By the first of December I'll want to start decorating the house inside and my baking. I still have shopping to do and so much more. The only thing I can visualize is a panic mode if I don't get moving. It's been nice to work at a slowish pace and take a little time off but it's not getting things done. Exercise class tonight and I'm hoping my foot is going to co-operate so I can go. It feels somewhat better.

Yesterday calmed down so to speak, the furnace fire got going and began warming the house up, Lexi and I caught the sun rising over the lake and Larry arrived shortly after 8am as I was eating cold pizza for breakfast. That's something I haven't done since my college days, and probably won't do it again for a while. They had a chilly night in to the camp and he was glad to get home to a warm house. Shortly after daylight I could hear the big trucks starting to move down the road, and as I expected most of the day they were in front of our house working on the road. Lexi was not a happy girl as she really dislikes the loud noises.
This is what we saw yesterday morning. I love the perfect reflections when the lake is perfectly calm.
It was so frosty!
The sun was shining on the frost that covered the roof over the back door.
So this is part of one of the big machines. From what I can gather it chews up pavement and spits it in to a big dump truck driving ahead, then there are two other machines that come behind doing something else. That's as technical as I can manage. All I know is that when they go by the house everything feels like it is shaking!
Decided to walk through the woods and check out something far prettier than machinery.
And I stopped at Lois' bird feeders to see what was there. Lots of birds flitting around including this Junco.
The Nuthatch found a seed.
The rest of the house is waking. Time to move on. Enjoy your day!


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  1. Princess Lexi must have been pleased to have Larry home and get a little more sleep this I think my fav. bird to watch is the Junco. have a great day ...get lots done...that will make me feel atleast one of us will have accomplished something