Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 - 13th January 2014 - Ice, Reflections and a Walk in the Park

Monday morning folks - weekend is over and the return of  the work week for most of you. Temperature is +0.2 and promises to be another fine day. So far it looks like a mild week.  For me it's going to be mostly a computer day, I've got research to work on and some grant applications to write. January is always a fun month. Six we are getting a break in the weather I'll be out roaming the hood at least a few times today, maybe I'll be lucky and something new will spring out. Think I'll check on the flower beds too, might be something beginning to pop up there as well.
Finally we had a day of warm weather and a sun that came out. It was still a little overcast in the morning when I tramped around the hood but so nice to get out in the fresh air. Snow is all gone and lots of water around. Swamps are very full, will be interesting to see what the next few days brings. Did a little work in the house and since I was feeling cabin bound we took a drive to town. These days I try not to make any unnecessary trips which really sucks, cause I have time to go birding but not working means I'm on a budget  and don't have the extra cash for a lot of running around. We tried a few streets where there are brooks running to the harbour - they were high and then went over to the Park and walked the loop out to the point and back. The eel grass has really been washed up in places - obviously from the last few storms with high tides. Back home, tossed a pork loin in the oven for supper, was tasty. Couldn't help but be surprised when I was doing dishes and notice at 5:15 pm it was still daylight - a sign that the days are getting longer. The moon was in the sky as well looking almost full.
 The ice in the ditches is breaking and covered with water.
 A nice morning for reflections on the lake.
 And in the swamps.
 The Robins were happy once again to see green grass.

 A little fast water in town.
 Lots and lots of ducks.
 Always a few gulls at the Park.
 I have  a weak spot for clouds.
 Greater Black Back Gull.
 The ice has broken up along the shore line as the wind and tide move back and forth.

 Ice floating along.
 A pair of Mallards flew in.
Looking back towards the Falls Lane Bridge.

Enjoy your day!

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