Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7 - 7th January 2014 - Goldfinches, River, Squirrel and Woodpecker

A little sleep in this morning, guess it doesn't hurt and makes up for the some of those too early mornings of mine. Temperature is .08, temperature is suppose to drop with  a few flurries. Guessing this means that all the rain we had yesterday will now be turned to ice. Yuk! I'd rather wade through snow that try to balance on ice. So no one noticed that I had reverted back to 2013 for a few days. It's hard to get used to writing 2014 sometimes. Back to research today, want to get close to finishing up this one project so I can move on to another. At least a couple of jaunts around the hood, got to add a little more activity in to my daily routine.  I've added more weight than normal over the holidays and need to get it back under control Probably the best way would be to stop eating but that won't happen any time soon.
It was nice yesterday to have things back to "normal" so to speak. Lexi and I home, doing our thing at our own time.  Whip around and did some housework, made a casserole for supper which I won't do again. Nothing spectacular about it. Made up some suet for the birds. Finished off the afternoon with some research.  It rained all day so our walks were limited. Exercise class was a killer, but needed very badly.
 The Goldfinches were on the snowbank close to the kitchen window.
Lexi and I sat quietly at the window seat and watched them. If you don't make a lot of sudden movements they are content to continue feeding.

 From the river.
 Looking down the river. A great canoe route.
 Guess everyone has a squirrel or two around their feeders.
This little Downy Woodpecker is enjoying the suet.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. I see Mr. Squirrel. Made an appearance at the rat he. Is going he will end up at exercise class soon