Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23 - 23rd January 2014 - Nor'Easter and Birds

Brr... chilly this morning, temperature is -10.5. I see it's still a bit windy and a few snow flakes are blowing around. Guess I'll let Larry and Lexi sleep in some, they usually do the shoveling so will have a busy morning. I'll take advantage and once daylight starts to break through will check out the hood and see where the drifts, etc are. I always enjoy being the first through trails. I should do a little research today as well. Exercise class tonight.
It was a wild and windy day. What we call a Nor'Easter in the Maritimes - although you have to get the right accent on that in order to pronounce it like we do. They pegged it right this time. I did get out for a jaunt around the hood in the morning, but it had begun to snow again and the wind was picking up so I kept it short. I spent a fair amount of time watching the birds at the feeder off and on. At one point in the morning a hawk flew in after one of my little chickadees; thank goodness he was agile and the hawk left hungry. Of course in my excitement and fear for the chickadee I didn't grab my camera in time to catch a photo. I made a soup and let it simmer most of the afternoon on the stove, smelled so good. I convince Larry to make biscuits to go with it - he makes far better biscuits than I do and they were good. It was the kind of meal to have on a stormy day. Luck would have it we kept our power.
 Mine were the first tracks in the morning along this part of the road I walk. Not even a vehicle had been out, everyone was tucked up.
 Lois' White-throated Sparrow is still not being very friendly.
 It was snowing pretty good.
 The Mourning Dove was just sitting quietly on the fence.
 I refilled the suet log early in the morning.
 Taking a little break in the shelter of the feeder.
 How fluffy can I get?
 Juncos usually aren't into the suet but this guy seemed to enjoy this.
Even the Starlings sought refuge.
The snow and wind whistled by.

Enjoy your day!

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