Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 24 - 24th January 2014 - Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Starlings and the Lake

It's Friday folks, temperature is -17.3, bundle up when you go out. Although looks like it will be a fine day. Time to get some housework done, pay some bills, etc. Might find a little time for some research. Sounds exciting! We get out for my walk and stretch out the muscles that Cindy worked out at exercise class last night. Betting it will be a good day for the girls to go skiing.
Thursday was a day of cleaning up and shoveling out, in fact schools had an extra day off just for that purpose I hear.  The sun came out later, blue skies and fluffy clouds with a few flurries periodically but remained cold. I got out around 9 am or so for my walk. Just couldn't seem to get moving earlier. I broke my trail in some places, kind of quiet, the occasional Woodpecker flitting by. I should have waited a little bit longer til the sun was out beyond the clouds and the bling was sparkling on the snow. Larry spent a fair amount of time with the snow shovel. Poor Lexi was exiled mostly to the house as the neighbour's dogs were running the hood (as usual) and the kids (13 yrs old)  were all over the place including the road on 4-wheelers.  We get to listen to this noise day in and day out. Am rather sick and tired of both but appears there is little a person can do.
 Female Hairy Woodpecker have breakfast at Lois'.
 My little friend the White-throated Sparrow, he was hiding under Lois' Christmas tree and popped out.
 Looking across the lake.
 I was the only steps on this part of the road, but wasn't long and their plow came through.
 Trees heavy with snow.
 Another Woodpecker.
 Even the Squirrels need to eat in the cold weather.
 The Starling was having a hard time getting the suet from the log.
 He wasn't very happy.
But the Blue Jay seem to do better.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Grandmother would have been nice today instead of that rodent. ;)