Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 - 3rd January 2014 - Birds and The First Storm of the Year

Friday morning, temperature is -14.8 and so far we still have power and internet. This is all good. I've checked out the windows but being 5:30 am and still dark, it's hard to really get a good idea of  how much snow has come down. It's drifted in places, I can hear the wind howling and still very fine snow coming down. The old saying "little snow means big snow; big snow means little snow" is happening for sure. The small stuff mounts up. They still have a blizzard warning issued with near zero visibility so best advise - stay home if you really aren't needed elsewhere. For the skiers in the hood - looks like Saturday and Sunday will be your days.  My plans - do some work around the house, curl up and read and probably eat more than I should. If it slacks off later today I may just take a prowl around the hood.
Yesterday was storm readiness day. Nothing I like better than getting ready and then we keep the power. I really don't like losing it but prefer to be prepared if we do. We hit back to exercise class - Cindy decided to have a 10 am session just in case the weather stopped us from going out last night. Sure glad she did. Man when you don't go for a few weeks - nearly kills ya! In my true fashion, I fell off the ball - always good to start the Year off right. Did a few errands in town and we were back home by noon. Baked a ham and potato scallop for supper which will be great for leftovers the next few days. I did try a walk in the afternoon around the hood. Had my snowsuit, mitts and hat on but should have had a scarf up around my face. Was pretty good through the woods but once I hit the lake - bitter cold. The temperature didn't go above  -13 and I have no idea what it was with the wind chill except darn cold. A cozy night in, cup of tea and some tv rounded off the day.
 Spied this Song Sparrow at Spencer's Garden Centre when we stopped to pick up dog food.
 I saw a lot of Woodpeckers around yesterday. Two were actually at our power pole again.
 He was in Lois' feeders again. He's quite tame and you can walk quite close.
 He has a little hidey-hole beneath the feeder too.
 The Lake was cold, cold, cold.
 The birds were feeding quite steady at the feeders.
 Everyone waits their turn.
The Blue Jays were really fluffed up to stay warm. All the birds looked plump and fat.

Enjoy your day!

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