Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 15 - 15th January 2014 - Early Morning over the Lake

Another mild morning, +6.8, at least this weather is easy on the furnace. Although after this latest rain I'm sure there is flooding in lots of places and people are having issues with water in their basements. I notice a bit in ours last night but nothing to be concerned about. Fingers crossed. It's Wednesday once again, and I'm off to town to do some errands, volunteer work and finally get my hair cut. The weeks are flying by just like last year. Seize the moment, as they say and do what you plan, don't put things off.
Glad I went out for my walk early yesterday morning. Actually I was early enough that it was still kind of dark and daylight was just beginning. Everyone knows it's the best part of the day. I like it better in the summer since the birds are usually just starting to spring around.  A neighbour nearly scared me to death, he was walking his dog and was coming through a path. Over active imagination - bear in the woods! Oh well it was worth a laugh.  The rest of he day was spent inside, mostly at the computer but I did get quite a bit accomplished.
 The day began in strong, bold colors.
 Fairly dark to begin with.

Makes for great reflections on the ice.

Enjoy your day!

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