Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 21 - 21st January 2014 - Blue Jays, Grasses and Ice

We are back to the chill - temperature is -7.5 this morning.  I've never seen the "red alert/warning" bar on the weather sites so much as it has been this year but it's up again, Blizzard on it's way tomorrow morning.  I had decided last night that I'd go in town today instead of Wednesday and do my errands, etc. So bundle up and get ready for another storm folks, our spring weather of last week is gone.
Monday got back to the routine. Out for my morning jaunt - no beaver in sight and the water is starting to drop back where it belongs again - in the lake! Home again, load of laundry on the go, back to the grant work. That's kind of draining on the brain power but 2 are completed and sent. The joy of online applications - you can do them from anywhere. Not to strain myself any further I went back to some light housework - floors etc. Good to work the body a bit after the brain. Exercise class and that gave the body a real good workout, if I'm going to drop some pounds and tone up - got to work it hard!
 I think the Beavers have a new house or last years young fellow has moved out.
 A little crispy ice.
 Still a few grasses around.
 The Blue Jays are comical to watch.
I wish they would leave this feeder alone.

Some days you just get a good photo of twigs - no way was the White Throated Sparrow posing yesterday.

Enjoy your day!

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