Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 358 - 23rd December 2013 - Birds, Rain and Leftover Snow

Here we are at Monday once again, temperature is mild +1.1 with more rain today.  Will deliver gifts today and try to remember to pick up salt for the driveway. For all my friends who are working retail - God bless you, today and tomorrow will probably be nuts. Of course by this time shops have run out of items and last minute shoppers will be a little on the ugly side.  I'm happiest to stay out of the stores at this point. Crowds just don't thrill me. We should however try to remember what the season is all about, how lucky we really are. Yes this escapes me sometimes too.
A wet Sunday but I finished tidying up around the house, did bed sheets, laundry, etc. I set up our Christmas present as well, we got a new TV and I figured it would be easier to do it Sunday than Christmas day. I'm the one in the family who deals with the Electronics. Even found time to curl up int he chair with a cup of tea and my book for a bit and chill. Rained died out in the afternoon and we took a drive up the road to visit friends. Haven't seen them for a while and it was good to catch up. It was another day not fit to get out around the hood and take photos. Got a few from the kitchen window but most are ones I've taken over the last week or so.
 The Mourning Dove and Red Wing Blackbird share a feeder.
 I am getting used to the few Starlings around and they don't usually spend a long time.
 The Blue Jays have lots of attitude and are always making interesting faces.
 I'm sure we'll have more snow.
The light trickles through the branches early in the morning.

As a few patches of grasses started tor re-appear yesterday the Robins were very busy.

Enjoy your day!

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