Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 337 - 2nd December 2013 - Grey Skies, Hydrangea, Squirrels and Birds

Nice sleep in, could get used to this and it's Monday. I woke up somewhat confused (imagine that) yesterday thinking it was Monday then realized it was Sunday. Temperature is +2.7 and sounds like a chance of rain. Looks like mild temps for most of the week - not hard to live with that. Back to baking today, going to get some of the decorations up and probably roam the hood.
Well the baking began yesterday. I guess I should say candy making since nothing actually was "baked". Made 2 pans of fudge: two layer - chocolate/peanut butter and plain chocolate as well as a batch of peanut butter balls. A long way to go yet before I'm done.  Each day I'll do a few more things. Lexi and I roamed the hood, it was quiet and rather grey like the sky was waiting to do something. We did have a few flurries but didn't last long. The squirrels are driving me nuts in the feeders. I looked out once and 2 of the feeders had squirrels - no birds! I chase them from the one on the deck with a broom, then Lexi went out on watch for a while. They are quite brazen and realize that she's not getting on the other side, but do stay away til she comes back in. There were all the regular birds - Blue Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Goldfinches. The Red-winged Blackbirds stopped by in the morning, but I didn't see the Grackles. I spied a number of Robins through the woods - they seem to be content near a swamp. The lake is freezing over more and more. Still some channels of water and I'm sure the ice is not very thick, but still a sign that the ducks will leave us soon and head to the river. Had a very tired husband when he got home last night, supper, the bathtub and bed.
 Not much of a sun rise, it was cold and dreary looking.
 Every where you look. But at least they don't mind posing.
 Almost gone.
 The White-breasted Nuthatch found the suet.
 They are bright and colorful.
 A reminder of summer days.
The Goldfinch waiting his turn for the feeder.
 A Chickadee tucked away in the Beauty Bush.
 The Woodpecker was aware of me but not really bothered.

Enjoy your day!

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