Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 356 - 21st December 2013 - Snow and Birds

A mild morning, temperature is +4. The big red weather alert bar is up again "rain fall warning" sounds like a lot is on it's way for tomorrow 30-40 mms, some freezing rain for areas as well. Doesn't sound like a great day. So this morning I'm going to sort through what I bought yesterday, then head to town for a last few grocery items, pick up a gift certificate, bird seed then home to finish wrapping. Perhaps I'll whip up a pizza for supper, have been craving one. Since I made one a few weeks ago, I'm willing to take that little extra time to mix up dough then buy one. So much better!
Had a busy Friday. Went in town early, got a few things done, delivered some tins and met the Bestie. She, her lovely daughter and I headed for Yarmouth. A day with the girls was long overdue! Had a great time finished up those last few odds and ends, lunch at Boston Pizza was tasty. Some of us tend to snarl if we don't eat on a regular basis. The stores were busy, line ups in most places but the one thing that really amazed me was at Marks WorkWear House. A female customer was actually munching down on a burger while she rummaged through sweaters. Like I really want to buy that white sweater after her greasy fingers have been all over it.  It just blows me away that people are that ignorant and stupid. But tis the season!  Boy was I ready for an early night, when we got home.
 The new and old.
Soft, gentle flakes.

 Tracks on the ice.
 Probably after this weekend we won't see this sight for a few days.
 I enjoy watching the antics of the Goldfinches.

The little Chickadees flit from place to place.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Where are the photos of you new friends you met at Tim Hortons....I was afraid at one point they might end up coming home with us. Some people cant go without food...and some people purchase a small frying pan and threaten to use it as a weapon to beat off pushy shoppers. I remained calm and focused more than I can say for my two passengers :) all and all it was a good day!