Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 350 - 15th December 2013 - Snow, Chickadees, Goldfinches and Woodpecker

Sunday and I'm up too early, temperature is -10.1, well that's warmer than the last few morning. Can  you tell I'm be sarcastic! So today is suppose to be our first storm of the season. Starting by dawn with snow, some ice/freezing rain and then finishing off with rain. We will hunker down and let it come. If the power goes out I'm curling up with my book and a hot cup of tea and enjoying the afternoon. Have decided to finish off my baking on Thursday and then I can pack up what needs to be given out and deliver on Friday/Saturday. Then I can get the kitchen sorted back out. Today, I'm going to tidy up loose ends around and watch the weather from the kitchen window.
Saturday was another cold day. As pretty as the snow is, it's been so cold to take photos. At times I go to press the shutter button and I'm not sure if I am because I have no feeling in my fingers. Went grocery shopping and picked up a few stocking stuffers.  Did a few things around the house, but wasn't in the baking mood. A lazy evening, but I was cold and didn't feel like I would ever get warm.
 It was nice to see some sunshine coming through the trees.

 Ice and snow on the branches and just a little bit of bling in the sunlight.

Looks rather pretty, but then I remember how cold it was.
 The Chickadees were particularly photogenic yesterday.

 The Goldfinches were pretty friendly too.

The Woodpecker was just too busy eating to worry about me.

Enjoy your day!

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