Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 336 - 1st December 2013 - Pine Warbler, Ice, Clouds and Grackles

I'm up early but wanted to see Larry off this morning. Truthfully, I heard him up and moving so decided I might as well see him off. He's gone for the day with his cousin lobstering. Hopefully Lexi and I will catch some z's later. Cold this morning, -4.4 but it has warmed up since we went to bed. Can you believe it's the 1st day of the last month of the year. So where has the year gone? Christmas is just around the corner. Oh way too much to think about this morning, especially since I've not even got any coffee in to me yet. So today is the start of the Christmas Baking.  I put the first batch of long stemmed cherries in to soak last week so they'll be nice and liquored up when I'm ready to use them. Also need to get the decorating underway.
Saturday was a nice around home kind of day. Made cinnamon rolls and we cooked a turkey for supper. Did some laundry, roamed the hood - creeped Lois' feeders. Took a drive up to Cindy and Ted's to see if the owl was still around that Ted saw the other day but no luck. Nice view from their pasture hill though. We finished off the day with a lazy evening in front of the TV and an early night.
 A little more ice in the lake yesterday morning with just a dusting of snow.
 One of the Red-winged Blackbirds. There are about 6 in all, one has a more predominant red patch, the others appear to be younger birds.
 Two of the Grackles - they are really quite pretty when the sun hits them. These two were obviously having a disagreement.
 Strutting my stuff, showing who's boss!
 Love old farm implements.
 Up in the pasture you could look and see two lakes.
 And when you looked up, it seemed you could almost touch the clouds.
 Lois has squirrel issues too!
 New one today - Pine Warbler.
This year I'm definitely working on getting a better picture of these skittish little guy - White-throated Sparrow.


Enjoy your day!

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