Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 335 - 30th November 2013 - Waves, Snowy Owls and Horned Larks

Say good-bye November. Today is finally the first day of the Lobster fishing season. It was scheduled to start last Monday but due to weather was postponed. Better safe than sorry. Hopefully everyone has a good day setting. So it's really cold this morning, my indoor/outdoor digital thermometer is wonky and only showing the indoor temp. Time to change the battery outside I guess. All I can say is it's darn cold! Am going to do some cinnamon rolls today, maybe some cookies and hopefully that turkey will be thawed out this afternoon and it can go in the oven.  A jaunt or two around the hood and other than that I have no idea what the day will bring.
Had a lovely but cold day on Friday. We got geared up and went to Barrington - did the grocery shopping and headed for Cape Sable Island in search of the Snowy Owls. It was a blizzard on Daniel's Head Beach and I was on my hands and knees trying to get close enough to some Horned Larks to get good photos, talk about cold! We spent about 2 hours roaming around the Island but never did find the Snowy Owls. I had a second change on the way home we detoured to Baccaro.  Pulled in to the parking lot at the Lighthouse and there were a couple trucks parked there - men talking and watching the surf I guess. Went to get out of the truck and there was the Snowy Owl sitting in the parking lot behind those trucks! Yup, he flew when we got out - we didn't see him until then. Chased him around but he was having none of me. I did get some flight photos and one in the distance. Would love to have gotten one really good one. They are truly stunning. On the upside - that's 100 positive bird sightings with photos (good or bad) since the beginning of January, so I'm pretty pleased.
 The surf was still rough.
 The Horned Larks.

 We stopped at Clark's Harbour and took a little jaunt on the Boardwalk. What a great spot - nicer in summer I'm betting.
 And they have a lovely Bandstand/Gazebo. You can see the Fishermen's Memorial to the right.
 The Snowy Owl.
 Hopefully I'll get back down before Christmas to try again for better shots.
Lots of waves and spray!

Enjoy your day!

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