Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 319 - 14th November 2013 - Streets and Windows

Definitely and cold morning, temperature is -5.0. I didn't want to get out of bed, a little more sleep would have been welcomed, even though I went to bed early. I never mind getting up in the cold so much as coming home to a cold house at supper time. Living room is on the top of the list to tackle today. I'm getting tired of purging and cleaning so need to get it finished up between now and the middle of next week. Maybe Lexi and I will find something interesting in the hood today.
Wednesday went well - lots accomplished and it remained fairly quiet with no insanity. It's a long day and still wears me out, too much brain work I think. Checked out the Vernon Deon's Store for winter boots, mine have pretty well had it. I've been wearing a pair of the green rubber ones with felt liners for a number of years and by last spring they had pretty well had it. I've given up on fashionable looking hiking boots and the like and prefer something that actually keeps my feet warm and I can walk in on ice/ in snow. My target was a pair of "Muck" boots - yup that's what they are called. They are suppose to be very warm. Lucked in found just what I wanted in the kids section which were 1/2 the price of women's and in Camo.  Rah!  Of course they are for Christmas. It stayed cold all day though, wind went right though you. The house was sure chilly too when we got home, but once we got the fire going it started to warm up again.  Too bad we can't train Lexi to toss a log on the fire once in a while during the day.
 Looking down Charlotte Lane.
 The Fisherman's Memorial on Dock Street. It lists all those from the Shelburne area who were lost at sea. There have been many over the years.
 The windows of Tottie's Gift Shop.

 The Shelburne Museum had cute things in their windows as well.
Street lights were still on.

Enjoy your day!

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