Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 306 - 1st November 2013 - Sunrise, Frost and Grandmother's Journal

Up too early, but that's nothing new. Temperature is +14.6, a big change from earlier this week. I'm off to Bridgewater today with the Bestie, got an appointment for my annual mammogram - a necessary evil. I'm sure we'll have a great trip, although I'm wishing the weather was better. Will get in a little shopping - stop at my favourite store - the Bulk Barn and hopefully get a bite to eat out at the Happy Cooker. Company coming for the weekend.
It was one of those very calm days yesterday - or as they say the calm before the storm. A productive day - baking and cooking done and finished off a bit of cleaning, but nothing serious. Lexi and I did our normal run around the hood - not a peep around,  didn't even see a chickadee. Exercise class last night - oh that was bad - I'm going to be hurtin' big time.
Grandmother's Journal:
31st October 1974 - Overcast, easterly wind. Foggy so far today. No rain. Went to town for work, shopping, washing etc. Had a letter from Fran, Gertrude and Jimmie. Mom came back with us. Going home on Friday. Very mild and warm.
1st November 1974 - Overcast early, came out sunny, very warm. Foggy. South westerly winds. Lots around hunting. Bobbie up trapping. Mother went home this morning. Light rain shower. Moon out tonight.
2nd November 1974 - Overcast and colder, wind raw. North westerly and northerly. Bobbie went up river trapping, was gone all day. Nice just before dark. Tom and I went down to dogs with water. Walked around field.
 It was a really spooky looking morning over the lake as the sun shone through.
 Lexi wanted a better look at the sun.
 Mist was gently rising, everything was still.
 A Halloween morning.
 More frost on the leaves.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. It amazes me "how some things never change" a lil bit of Grandmother on a Friday seems in order gotta get the man on the road to get the Moose meat to feed the family!!! Sherri "where's my rifle bullets....." .... "not sure Bill, I thought I put them back after I used them! bahahaha