Saturday, November 23, 2013

Day 328 - 23rd November 2013 - Reflections, Woodpecker, Fungi and Junco.

Temperature is up this morning +3, a chance of showers this morning and clearing. Doesn't sound to bad, am heading off to Yarmouth to do some Christmas Shopping. I'm aiming to get the bulk of it done except for some things I know I can at local stores.  Also the rest of my baking supplies which shouldn`t be too much and groceries. Sounds like a tiring day especially since I"m not all that keen on that much shopping. A bright spot is going to be lunch and a visit with some of the family. Hopefully that will revive me too. I'll take my camera just in case something is lurking around the back road!
It's cold enough most mornings for puddles and such to be frozen over, but I notice that they melt as the day warms. The sun still has some heat in it, but I've resorted to wearing a hoodie and down-filled vest for walking most of the time. Early mornings require a hat and gloves. So quiet in the woods most of the time, I stop, listen but nothing. The days of birds in all directions are over til spring arrives once again. The feeder is getting busier but mostly with Blue Jays, Mourning Doves and Chickadees. A Woodpecker and two Grackles stopped in today as well as a pair of Juncos. Got all the mundane things done around the house and made chocolate chip cookies.
 Another serene morning view.
 Patches of ice in the flooded swamp areas.
 The Woodpecker won out this time.
 Maybe he was teaching the Blue Jay a lesson for eating his suet.

 Reflecting waters.
 I think these are Green-headed Jelly Clubs, but it seems late for them.
A Junco takes a break on the fence. Usually I only see them ground feeding or on the deck.

Enjoy your day!

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