Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 315 - 10th November 2013 - Bean Goose and Chickadees

Stars are all out, temperature is 0, hard to believe the weatherman is right with rain for today. As is the norm I'm up again too early. After a week my body and brain has not adjusted to the time change. Oh well, not much can be done about it. Since I've not accomplished a lot around here the last few days and they are giving rain, guess I better kick start myself and get a some things finished. Larry needs to pull the rest of the carrots but not sure if he'll get that done in the rain. Since it gets dark so early these days not much chance of doing out door things after supper during the week.
First I must apologize for incorrectly identify the Starlings in yesterday's post. They were actually juvenile Red-winged Blackbirds.  Oops I can't be right all the time and those darn youngins' confuse me every time. Thanks Donna! We headed off to Yarmouth on the great wild goose chase ( or in this case - Bean Goose)  Saturday morning. Got there about 10:15 am and it wasn't hard to tell we were in the right spot - several cars on the side of the road with folks standing around wearing binoculars and cameras. They were better than the Walmart Greeters! And there was the famous Bean Goose having a little rest on the golf course next to the road - very convenient for we photographers. I was a little hesitant to run all over the course in search of this fellow. Now there really is a lot of excitement about him. They are normally found in Europe and Asia but not here so when the call went out yesterday about the sighting - wasn't long and the die hard birders were on the road along with many others. I was pleased to be able to get some good shots. From there we went and did a bit of shopping or walking in and out of stores with very few bags - I did get groceries. Really need to get my head around this Christmas shopping business - just wish I knew what to buy!
 So one of the worse photos I've taken but they refused to calm down long enough to do anything. It was quite a huge flock of Snow Buntings that flew from one side to the other of the road - more like they were leaves in the wind.
 When we arrived he was laying down - all stars need a rest!
 A flock of Canada Geese went over head while I patiently waited for him to stand.
 And he was up and posing - showing a little leg and you can just see the spur.
 A short walk on the course.
And a back view. So it was a pretty exciting time for me. I'm safe in saying - a true lifer for my list.

 Back home and all I was offered was a few Chickadees.
But they are hard to resist.

Enjoy your day!

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