Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 330 - 25th November 2013 - The First Snow

So it's 2:45 am and way too early for me to be up - going to be a miserable day unless I get some sleep. I've been tossing and turning for over an hour so finally gave up and brought my book downstairs to read for a while. Oh well maybe the the sofa will call my name in the next few minutes and I will salvage some sleep. On the upside - I threw a few more logs on the fire - should almost stay warm til morning. The first day of Lobster season has been postponed due to the weather - actually looks like they won't be going anywhere til the end of the week. Slow start to the season but better safe than sorry. The one person you can't argue with is Mother Nature.
Oh it was definitely a wintery day on Sunday - snow flurries, cold, windy all those things we will be living with for the next few months.  We will survive and get use to it. But just think - less than a month from now and the days will once again be getting just a bit longer each day. Something to think about. I drug Larry and Lexi out of bed around 7:30 am so we could go to the Breakfast at our Fire Hall. Oh it was good and just what I needed. We didn't even build a fire before we left so the house was a tad bit cool. It was quick warming up, I went out for a walk - nice to go through the woods being the first tracks in the first snow. Did up some laundry and wrapped a few gifts. Then we went over to Upper Clyde to visit friends. Been a while since we've seen them and it was nice to catch up.
 The dried ferns looked lacy yesterday morning against the snow.
 No tracks only snow.
 Just mine when I look back.
 The snow makes these look fluffy.

 I always like snow on softwood trees.
 It looked nice but was really cold.
The Grackle puffs up during a snow flurry.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Even with a small.blanket of snow mother nature reveals some beautiful colors.