Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 326 - 21st November 2013 - Squirrels, Reflections and Rain drops

Up earlier than we should be but Lexi was barking off and on throughout the night. She hears a neighbour's dog barking and has to follow suit, except she's in the house and the only ones that hear her are us. Glad I went to bed early. It's cold this morning, temperature is -2.9, but looks like it's going to be a pretty decent day. Going to do a quick clean up around what I've already done - maintenance is what they call it I guess. Then I'm going to figure out exactly what else I need for baking, and Christmas shopping between today and tomorrow. Going to head to Yarmouth on Saturday and start/finish all my shopping except for those things I need/can to get locally. I've gotten some things locally already but will try to get a few more. I really don't want to have to do serious shopping in December - too many people rushing about and chaos. Those are my plans for the next few days. I can't wait to start the Christmas baking!
It was a very busy day. I did get to lunch at Charlotte Lane Cafe with a friend of mine from Digby and another gal who were in to do some research. Nice to catch up a bit and enjoy a nice lunch at the same time. It was really cold and of course when we got home the temperature in the house was only +13.5 - brrr. Didn't take too long to start to warm things back up once the fire got going. Why I hate leaving the country in the winter time!  I considered crawling in bed at 6:30 pm, fought against the idea  but still went to bed rather early.
 The squirrels are everywhere you look.
 From the other day after the rain.
 More reflections from the lake.
This huge rock has lots of this green lichen growing all over the side of it.

 I love the way the sunlight makes the drops of water sparkle and shine here, like bling.
Another squirrel hidden among the trees.

Enjoy your day!

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