Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Day 332 - 27th November 2013 - Ice, Clouds and Birds at Feeders

Not looking forward to town today - weather is going to be yucky, which means I'll be wet most of the day. I'm always on foot, which is great as a rule, I enjoy walking but in rainstorms this time of year - not so much. Maybe I could wear Larry's oil gear! At least I've got my rubber boots. The weather sites have those big red bars up with " Rainfall warning/Wind warning". Sounds like the worse will start around noon, fingers crossed I can get the bulk of my running around done by then.  Hopefully it will  be a quiet day and I can get some of my volunteer work caught up.
The weather wasn't too bad most of Tuesday - didn't rain much until later in the day and then not long. Larry and Lexi got to spend a lot of time outside working around the yard, I finished off some chores in the house. Managed to roam the hood a couple of times. Worked on some research for a while. Cooked some really good ribs for supper, glad there were enough for leftovers. Even had some time to curl up for a bit with my book - complete laziness.
A layer of ice in parts of the lake yesterday morning. A frosty stick.
 Those clouds sure look like they are telling us of weather to come.
 I love the patterns in the ice. Some look like leaves, others feathers or you can just let your imagination go.
 Goldfinches were at both mine and Lois' feeders today. They've been pretty independent and not showing up until just before a storm.
 Simple but pretty. I'm stalking the neighbors again.
Kind of struttin' his stuff.

 The seed looks too big for this little guy.
Nice to see them sharing.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Love your pics all the time but today's are especially beautiful. That ice pic and the pine decoration, plus the chickadee with the huge seed. Oh heck, I love them all.. lol