Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 308 - 3rd November 2013 - Gulls, Waves and Rain

Hope everyone remembered to set their clocks back before going to bed. I fought to stay in bed longer but still managed to get up at 4:45 am (new time). Suppose I should say that's good since my body will be months adjusting to the change. This time of year always makes me think of my Grampie H. After Grammie passed away he never changed the clocks back in the fall. He said that way he could go to bed earlier and the evenings weren't so long, he always found lots to do during the day but after supper he missed her terribly especially in the long dark evenings of winter. Temperature is +9.8 this morning, but am expecting it to drop today. The weather forecast is for rain with the chance of flurries mixed in when the temperature drops later. It's a few more days before we get our winter tires on, so I don't really need to hear about any white stuff yet.
The weather didn't really co-operate with us yesterday. We had a lazy morning, Larry cooked a big breakfast and we just hung around the house waiting for the rain to stop. After lunch we decided it looked like it was clearing so we'd head out for a drive. Went in the direction of Hemeon's Head, walked down to the beach and it started to rain again - Grrrr. It was pretty quiet there, but we did a quick tourist tour anyway. A stop a Lockeport beach,  then the cemetery  and we were homeward bound again. Wish it had been a nicer day. Although by the time we got it home it had stopped raining again. Supper and a relaxing evening.
 The surf was rough, not much around.

A few male Common Eiders.
 Gulls at Lockeport Beach.
Lots of waves!

Enjoy your day!

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