Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 309 - 4th November 2013 - Brown Creeper, Blue Jay, White Breasted Nuthatch, Chickadee and Berries.

Monday again. Stars are all out and it's a very crisp morning, temperature is -1.5. Guess that will be more typical in the coming days. No real complaints from me since it is now November. Suppose to be a fine day. Guess I'm back to the job of purging and cleaning or just throwing out some junk we have amassed over the years. Lexi and I will roam the hood some throughout the day. Exercise class tonight - that's always a barrel of fun. Sounds like my day in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong I don't mind a little mundane, sometimes it's good for the soul to just think about what  you are tossing and nothing real major for a bit.
I was the only really early riser yesterday morning, everyone else took advantage of the extra hour and slept in a bit. Of course in my mind, anything after 5:30 am is sleeping in. Larry whipped up breakfast and we had a nice leisurely morning of hanging out and chatting before Dorothy and Roger left after lunch time. It was great to have them for the weekend. Weather had started to clear some, so I took a jaunt around. Haven't been out in my own  hood for a few days, so it was nice to see if there was anything new. Most of the leaves have finished, but the Hackmatack trees are showing their fall colors. It was pretty quiet around, so I checked out Lois' yard and feeders to see if there was anything hanging out there.
 A strange cloud like smoke drifting across the sky.
 Time to go!
A Hackmatack tree in bright yellow.
 Brown Creeper - these are cool little birds.
So hard to spot them when they are on a tree.
I think this Blue Jay is giving a little attitude.
 Got the prize - sunflower. White Breasted Nuthatch.
 So the Chickadee didn't want to pose, but occasionally it's nice to get a photo of the back of a bird.
A splash of color

Enjoy your day!

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