Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 322 - 17th November 2013 - Lighthouse, Semi-palmated Plover, Gulls, Ducks

So nice to sleep in some. Temperature is +5.8, another mild morning. Suppose to be fine and the sun come out today, a good chance to do some outside work, pick up a few things around the yard. Larry will probably get the lawn mower tuned up for winter and put away. Rain and lots of it on the way tomorrow so will enjoy some sunshine today.
We had a great day Saturday! Headed to Barrington to do some shopping, both Christmas and groceries. Found a few things at Wilson's Shopping Centre - including a new TV for ourselves for Christmas (Larry's idea). We compromised with a 32" flat screen since I refused to have anything bigger that would take up a whole wall in the living room. This will fit the oak cabinet we have so I'm happy. It also doesn't come out of the box til Christmas. Shopped around a few other spots then headed out the Cape Sable Island in search of a few birds. Did find some shore birds still around, most of which were too far away to really get good shots. Although I'm sure one was a Dowitcher which I don't have on my list. Saw a little hawk, lots of gulls and a few ducks. Had lunch at the Lobster Shack - it's was ok, but neither of us were thrilled with it. Picked up some groceries and headed home.
 The lighthouse stands in the background, shrouded in fog.
 A Semi-palmated Plover was alone on Daniel Head's Beach.

 A Herring Gull, chilling on the rocks, not sure what kind of duck is toward the back.
 Female Eider, but I think she has an injured wing. We couldn't get near to see, she quickly got in the water.
 Quite sure he's a Kestrel Hawk.
Lots of Starlings - kind of gives you that Alfred Hitchcock feeling.

I found lunch!

Enjoy your day!

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