Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 329 - 24th November 2013 - Barns, Geese and Sunsets

Sleeping in on Sunday morning is something I could really get used to. Wow it's nice. Hoping this continues through the cold winter months. Well we've got our first snowfall of the season, temperature is -1.3. Looks kind of pretty out there. I put that back light on and it's falling gently and everything is covered. Now it can probably stop right there!  Might just be a good day to wrap the gifts I've got and take stock. Of course roaming the hood in the first snow will be special too, especially if I can find a few spots where no one else has walked first. Other than that I have no idea what we are going to do on this snowy Sunday.
Had a great day in Yarmouth - think I've got the bulk of the Christmas shopping done. I'll know for sure when I go through everything. Had a great lunch with some of the family, was nice to sit back relax for an hour and recoup my strength and gather my thoughts again.  Most of my photography was of the drive by/from the truck kind today, something a little different.
 Lots of old barns on the back road, so took a few pics on the way home. I've done most of the them in B&W - like them better that way.
 A flock of 30 Canada Geese in a yard next to the Tusket River.
 The flew off when I got back in the truck.

 Nothing like a hint of red!
 They all have tales to tell.
 Hard working farmers trying to make a living from our rocky soil.
 Some seem to still be in use.
 Green is not the norm.
 This is an old Church and yard.
 Doesn't look like many years left for this one.
 Got close enough to home just as the sun was setting.
Over McKay's Lake.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Snow yuck lol. Love the photos of the barns a different subject for you. I may wrap as well. Seems like a good day for it