Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 325 - 20th November 2013 - Rain droplets, Reflections and Birds

Temperature is just below 0, a little nippy. The weather is giving a chance of flurries this morning - they can keep it for a while yet. It's Wednesday so that means town for me - errands and volunteer work.  Lunch with an out of town friend - will be nice to catch up with her today. Finally I'm getting my hair cut this afternoon - it's driving me nuts - too much of it. So sounds like another exciting day in town I'm sure, but that suits me fine.
It was a beautiful morning yesterday but by noon the sky had clouded over and was rather gray. Temperature dropped in the afternoon and was so much cooler than it had been. I went out for my walk early, it was nice - clear and calm. You could hear the animals up the hill - the donkey braying, the rooster crowing. Rain droplets were hanging from all the tree limbs, some of them sparkled in the sun. Did some work around the house but Lexi and I took advantage of weather and roamed the hood several times too. Tackled some mending in the afternoon and threw together some more roasted vegetables to go with the leftover roast for supper.
 You can just see a hint of color in some of these droplets.
 I was surprised to notice that the the lupin leaves were still looking green and fresh.
 Beautiful reflections in the lake.
 And of course those same clouds are in the sky.

A Downy Woodpecker enjoying some breakfast.

 The gang was all in have a bite to eat.

Found this little Golden-crowned Kinglet playing in the woods.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Yes a little cool this morning but I heard a few ducks when I let the dog out....of course she gas gone VA k to bed. A busy Wednesday but nearing the end of the week. Have a good day!