Thursday, November 28, 2013

Day 333 - 28th November 2013 - The Lake, Grasses and Birds

Another morning of sleeping in, I could get so use to this 6 am business. Temperature is still mild at +8.2 this morning. I guess I slept through the storm. Am amazed that our power wasn't out and I had internet this morning. Well Larry got everything done on my list I left yesterday so now I can plow ahead with decorating whenever the urge strikes. I'm thinking Friday or Saturday the baking and decorating will begin.  I'm seriously thinking today or tomorrow we should run to Cape Sable Island and see if those Snowy Owls are still hanging around. Guess I'll see where the day takes us.
I lucked out pretty good. It rained and was windy but the worse really started when I got home before supper. So I did get wet a few times but not too bad.  Had a pretty good day, one brave soul ventured out in the morning, but wasn't a lot of bother, so I managed to get quite a few things done. Although I wasted a fair amount of time sorting out a 1 cent error in my accounting. Grrr! Wow could you ever hear that wind whipping around last evening. Got out my lantern just in case of a power outage, only to discover the one I like the best needed to be charged up.
 You know the grass really wasn't blue. I was playing around with an editing process - invert colors. Looks kind of cool I think.
Another perfect morning for reflections with just a bit of ice in the lake.

I always think the grasses are the best this time of year.
The White-breasted Nuthatch.

 Goldfinches were all puffed out against the cold.
I really like these feeder, wonder if Lois would miss it.

Enjoy your day!

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