Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 327 - 22nd November 2013 - Sunrise, Birds and Ice

Going to do bake a batch of cookies today to take to our nephews in Yarmouth tomorrow. Will no doubt putter around the house some more and finish off my lists. Lexi and I will roam the hood. Suppose to be another nice day, stars are out and the temperature is -0.9.
Lexi and I had a great day Thursday, did some housework, worked on our Christmas List (still don't have a  idea of what I'm looking for!) and a shopping list. I didn't go out for my early walk, not much around these days early and it's cold so I opted to take her around 9:30 - still pretty chilly and quiet. Warmed up later when we were out. The Blue Jays have taken over my feeders - there were at least a dozen there today, plus 1 squirrel. By the time they all get done there's not much left for the little birds. I also checked Lois' feeders out to see if she had anything interesting.  Good workout at exercise class last night.
Grandmother's Journal:
21st & 2nd November 1974 (Thursday & Friday): Mother and I to town. Back afternoon. Bob to town on Thursday because of rain. Rain everyday this week. Mild. Bob's birthday Friday. 
23rd November 1974: Overcast, much colder. Getting ready for town. Kim here. Bobbie up trapping. Mike's Birthday. Sun out very little. Windy Cold. 
24th November 1974: Getting ready for town. Very mild. [Most years they moved to town for the winter months]. 

The moon was just going to bed as I dashed down to the lake to catch the sun rising.
 A soft golden glow behind the tree line.
Love the pattern on the ice in the swampy areas.
 Frozen in time.
 The Nuthatches are so much fun to watch.
 They are beautiful with their bright blue colors.

Enjoy your day!

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