Friday, November 29, 2013

Day 334 - 29th November 2013 - Grey Skies, Chickadees and Goldfinches

After I bragged at Exercise Class how well I've been sleeping I'm sitting downstairs on the computer at 2:30 am - groan. Tossed and turned for the last hour and finally decided to get up. Will try reading for a while and see if I can fall back to sleep for a few hours on the sofa. Will make for a long miserable day if I don't snag a some more shut eye. Am planning on heading to Cape Sable Island in search of the Snowy Owls, Barrington for some shopping and then maybe travel home along the shore. Will see how our time and the day goes.
Rained a good part of yesterday morning. I tried to get out for my walk but ended up coming home soaked. By noon it had cleared by the skies were a mix of darkness and lightness. Changed at the blink of an eye. I did go for another jaunt in the afternoon. Checked out the swamps - lots of water but I don't think we are going to have a flooding issue this time.  The water will continue to rise for a few more days. All this means is that we are ready for winter to set in.
Grandmother's Journal:
29th November 1974: Cold lovely winter day. Not much wind. Bob to M.C., I to work. 
30th November 1974: Beautiful Moon. Worked today for Marie. Bob & Bobbie to MC. Bobbie trapping. Cold for this time of year.
1st December 1974:  Beautiful day. Very cold night. Mike & Bobbie to traps. Bob to MC. Home late. I was worried. Very cold night. Ruth and I out for walk. 
This was about the time it started to rain hard again!
 Raindrops and bubbles in a little pool of water.
 These fungi have been here for a long time.
 Touch of blue sky but mostly grey in the afternoon.
 There were a few ducks around. This guy was trying to impress the others.
 A tree full of Goldfinches.
I waited patiently and this was the only one who came down.
 The Chickadees are so sweet.

Enjoy your day!

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