Friday, November 8, 2013

Day 313 - 8th November 2013 - Beaver sticks, Fungi, Duck and Hackmatack

Tad bit cooler this morning, +5. Stars are all out but the wind is chilly. I'm up way too early again but at least I slept rather than waking up every 20 mins which has been my norm this week. At least I can wake up and get out of bed on my own and there is something to be said for that. I have no idea what today will bring, will probably finish off the kitchen and then do some "maintenance" to what has already been done so it doesn't get out of control again. Another exciting day in my life - seriously I'm not complaining. Sometimes it works.
A mixed weather day on Thursday - rain, overcast, little sun then hard hard rain. Lexi and I did manage to get out around without getting too wet. We had a short visit with one of the neighbours while on our walk. Good to catch up with him.  Tackled the kitchen - got most of the main part done. Fridge cleaned out - yuk, etc. Amazing how much more room is in the fridge once  you get rid of the stuff that got pushed to the back and you have a hard time recognizing it. Exercise class last night - slight mishap, which is still just a bit sore this morning but not bad. Got a 10 lb medicine ball around the chin - these things sometimes happen when you are vertically challenged. All is good.
Grandmother's Journal:
4th November - 9th November 1974: To work each day. Mother comes back and forth with me. Leave her here with Bob.  Miserable weather, overcast, raining. Quite mild. Kim here for weekend. 
10th November 1974: Overcast most of the day. Cold and raw. Bobbie and Mike trapping. Had a good day. Kim, Bob and I down to Clyde River walked through old graveyard. Some cars on the road, might as well stay home - no fun always watching for a car. Ransome and his wife up here for a visit today. Brought really good sour kraut.
The Beaver has been at his nightly work again.
 His house is to the right - these look to be the new additions.
 My new feeder with one of the Blue Jays having breakfast.

 I love the wiggly lines through this fungi.
 A lone Mallard - guessing he's waiting for the others to join him.
 The bright Hackmatack needles.
Left over from the summer this little pail sits along the  side of the beach.

Enjoy your day!

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