Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 321 - 16th November 2013 - Squirrel, Ducks and Chickadee Bathing

Ah Saturday and temperature is +2.1 and suppose to go up. Today and tomorrow are going to be nice, bad weather in the form of rain coming on Monday and sounds like lots of it. Winter will follow.  The old people always said "winter won't come til the swamps are full". So for now we'll enjoy the weekend and maybe spend a good portion of it outside. Monday sounds like it will be a good day to do windows and finish cleaning.
Friday turned into a beautiful day - temperature went way up and felt more fallish then winter like. I'm sure we'll have a few more days like this. So Lexi and I puttered around and roamed the hood. Nothing terribly exciting happening. Not so many birds at the feeders today, although the Blue Jays are making pigs of themselves. One of the Chickadees was having a blast in the bird bath. I did see the Golden-crowned Kinglet in the yard so he's still hanging around.
Lexi wouldn't let me keep walking until I took a photo of this little guy.
Quite a few ducks around in the cove yesterday afternoon.
I like the grasses best this time of year when they are soft and fuzzy.
Had to crop these photos a lot so they are not my best. Didn't dare go any closer. But he's so cute taking his bath.

No one much used the bird bath all summer but now that's it's gotten colder and I should take it in, they all want to bath.
Hey! You talking to me?

Enjoy your day!

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