Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 324 - 19th November 2013 - Kinglet, Chickadees and Goldfinches.

We all overslept this morning. Not a good way to start the day. I apparently am becoming very lazy with the  sleeping in business, but I'm not complaining - feels good for  a change. Looks like another mild day, temperature is +9.2. Have no idea what I'm doing today, probably more of the same. At least Lexi and I will get out more. Time for my coffee.
They called for rain and boy did we ever get rain, rain and more rain. The wind blew a gale and it was a good day to be inside. Now, that's great if you don't have a four-legged fur child who occasionally should go out, I say should because she really didn't want to go, but out we went and took a quick jaunt around the hood. My camera stayed inside today, did get a few shots of the birds at the feeder. Poor little Chickadees and Goldfinches were very wind blown. Got lots accomplished inside - like a hummingbird I buzzed around, did windows, curtains, ceilings and walls. Made cookies, did laundry and a bunch more. A good day for a nice pork roast for supper. Larry had (I think) brought the rest of the produce home from the garden which included brussel sprouts, so thought I'd do some roasted vegetables to go with the roast. I let some sprouts, carrots and turnip marinate in oil, garlic and herbs for a few hours then tossed them on a sheet in the oven.
One of the Golden - crowned Kinglets that were flitting around the other day.

 He was holding on for his life.
 The Chickadees weren't impressed with all the rain and wind either.

 This Goldfinch kept edging along the fence closer to the deck feeder.

Another group of them found the Nyger feeder.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Busy woman! Where do find time to take pictures...that's right you wear your camera around your neck like a necklace/bling