Monday, November 18, 2013

Day 323 - 18th November 2013 - Fog, Sun, Ducks, Blue Jays and Goldfinches

We are in for a wet day, mostly a wet week I think, but with the weather you should only take it one day at a time, they can't predict much further than that. Temperature is plenty mild at +8.3. Today I have to seriously finish up the cleaning - tackling the "bowling alley". We have one long narrow room that has always been called the bowling alley. Of course it has 8 windows, so I'll be in the window cleaning business as well. Might be a day for baking cookies and a roast for supper. It will definitely be  a day for inside work. Exercise class tonight, I hope she remembers to leave those steps downstairs.
You know it's a good day in the country when you can sit on the deck with your tea and watch the birds at the feeder. It was actually warm enough to enjoy some time there yesterday afternoon. We spent a lot of time outside. I cleaned up around, picking up and putting away things for another season. Larry worked in the woodpile - yes I know seems like all the man does, but he's working on next years now. Maybe won't have to work as hard come spring and we can chase birds as they arrive.
 It was pretty foggy first thing in the morning.
 Saw a few of the ducks on my walk.
 Droplets on the pine needles.
 Before long the sun was breaking through.
 A perfect day for reflections, not a ripple on the water.

 Had 5-6 Goldfinches around as well as a couple of Golden-crowned Kinglets in the afternoon.
I really wish he would leave that feeder alone!

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Lol it was an outside kind of day. Like you I did accomplish a lot and even enjoyed a tea on the deck. Not sure where the ducks went this year but I have only seen several. Have a good day and you can always clean windows at my house ;)