Thursday, November 7, 2013

Day 312 - 7th November 2013 - Quiet morning on the Harbour

Temperature is sure mild this morning at +12. Won't bother to build a fire. Rain in the forecast for today. Sounds like it will be a mostly inside day for Lexi and I unless we can scoot around the hood before it starts this morning. Back to cleaning for me - maybe tackle the kitchen today. Woke up at 11:30 and was sure it was time to get up, that went on part of the night. Oh I dislike nights like that. Exercise class tonight.
Wednesdays drain the life right out of me. Glad it's over for another week. I had volunteered to print off the newsletters but you know the photocopier decided to go on the fritz, well after 1/2 hour on the phone with the service guy I did get things going again so I could accomplish what I set out to do. Paid some bills and a few other errands. Had lunch with my Dad again Once again I'm glad that the men in our family can cook and thankful that I still have my parents around to spend time with. Tuesday night, Larry went out with the flash light and set up my new bird feeder, of course by the time we got home last night it was almost dark but I did spy a few Chickadees flitting back and forth from it.
The harbour was very calm.
 Just like glass the sky reflected in the water.
 The lighthouse looks like it's floating.
 A buoy - just a spot of color.
Looking up John Street.

Enjoy your day!

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