Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 305 - 31st October 2013 - Pigeons, Starlings, Morning on the Harbour

Happy Halloween and good bye October. Moving on to another month tomorrow. Not quite as cold this morning, temperature -0.5.  Today will be a kitchen day - company coming for the weekend. I'm making chili and brown bread rolls for supper tomorrow night and since a friend has been kind enough to share a really good looking brownie with peanut butter recipe yesterday, they sound perfect for dessert. Wonder if some ice cream with those would hit the spot. Rain in the forecast beginning this evening. Sounds like tomorrow will be  a wild day.
Wednesdays wipe me out, so much to do when I'm out of the woods for a day. A bright spot was having dinner with my Dad, I'm so thankful that the men in our family can cook. It was nice to spend my lunch hour with him, he cooked tenderloin in honey garlic sauce, with roasted potatoes, turnip and carrots along with some squash for me. I originally turned him down when he called the other day, but then I thought no it's not everyday I can visit and spend some time with him, so I called back and told him, it's a date. It was a busy day of running around, glad to get home at supper time.
 I got a chuckle out of this - the pigeons on the left aren't bothered one bit by the fake owl on the right of this roof top.
 No Cardinals yesterday but I did find some downtown Starlings.

 Looking up the harbour you could see the mist rising through the trees and on the water.
 It was a lot colder Wednesday than it had been on Tuesday morning.
 Pure serenity on the harbour.
Looking down Dock Street at the harbour.

Enjoy your day!

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