Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 278 - 4th October 2013 - Misty Morning, Beautiful Leaves and a Squirrel

Here we are Friday, chilly this morning, temperature is +7. Lets end the work week on a good note - lots to do and looking forward to a positive day. No great plans for the weekend, we'll just see what that brings except for maybe Saturday night at the Park with friends. Guess we better dress warm around the campfire this weekend. Birthdays and Anniversaries to celebrate - should be fun.
So the weatherman goofed and said it wouldn't be as warm Thursday as it was on Wednesday - but it sure was. Of course I wore long sleeves and was way too hot all day. I guess this time of the year - layers are the answer. Still haven't finished that research, hopefully I can wrap it up today. Had a good workout at exercise even though I had to think too much and work on my coordination - blah.
Grandmother's Journal:
4th October 1974: To town early for blood work and to Dr. Jef for my numb arm. Mother stayed home for weekend. Bob came for me and we waited for Kim. 
5th October 1974: Lovely fall day very windy and cold. Many cars going all day. John B. up but not in the house. Kim had a good day. Really enjoyed having her. Believe my arm is some better. 
6th October 1974: A beautiful day. Very warm. Sat out in sun for a short while. Bobbie and Bettie and kids for dinner. No one here but us now. [meaning summer people have all left]. Cool and every star out this evening. Muriel & Russ McKay, Clark & Lib Muir here this afternoon. 
 It was a beautiful morning on the lake with the mist and sun.
I love the colors and reflections.
 A few ducks flew in.
 Of course there are lots of these furry little rodents around.

 I'm taking advantage of the colors - they won't last long.
From Dock St. looking over at the Parks. Even the harbour was totally calm.

Enjoy your day.

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