Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 296 - 22nd October 2013 - Robins, Moon, Leaves and Mist

Stars are out, I'm up too early, a restless night - but I'm not sure why. Dreams, dreams and more dreams. I think I'm more tired from the activity in my head during the night than from working yesterday. Temperature is +3.5. Today I'm going to put to use some of that pumpkin we slaved over on Sunday. Pumpkin whoopie pies and a pumpkin pie. Now I haven't quite forgotten  my last experience with making pie crust (last February) so it should be an interesting morning. I wish my cooking friend, Darrell lived closer to walk me through this. It's a mental block, I'm sure - I know what I'm doing wrong I just can't seem to fix it! Hoping to finish purging and cleaning upstairs today, just the bathroom and hallway to do. Still too many rooms left to start counting down.
Yesterday was a day of lost and found. First thing I couldn't find my Christmas Baking book - it has a list of all my recipes, ingredients, etc. I was in a bit of a panic to say the least, but it did turn up. Later I lost some paperwork, tore another room apart and found it. Maybe I'm just losing my mind, you can never tell. Got our bedroom cleaned, moved some furniture around and started on the bathroom - more bags of garbage!  The hood has been very quiet lately, nothing exciting in the bird world these days. A very hard workout at exercise class last night.
 One of the many Robins still hanging around.
 The shadow of the moon was still out around 8:30am
Reds and Golds.
 Just a little bit of mist still along the edges.
 I'm taking advantage of the colors, soon they will be gone.
 Hiding from me - the Hermit Thrush.
The higher trees are bare.

Enjoy your day!

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