Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 292 - 18th October 2013 - Leaves, Duck, Dragonflies and Grandmother's Journal

Some rain on the way today, but not a lot, temperature is +13 this morning, no stars in the sky. It's Friday folks - you made it through another work week, I enjoyed my first week of winter hibernation - not quite used to it yet but won't take long. Larry's up earlier this morning as he's got to go in to work early. I'm going to continue where I left off yesterday and see if I can get one room finished and another started, rain today will make me want to stay in and work.
Sure can't complain about our weather - I think it's what they call an Indian Summer. The temperature reached +25 today. Well I began the purge and cleaning today - 3 garbage bags of clothes out of the spare room. If it hasn't been worn in a year or 30 years chances are it won't be missed. I decided that the suit Larry wore when we got married probably could be tossed, doesn't fit him anyway - like all of us, he was a bit slimmer way back then! Re-organized some other stuff, so the spare room is 1/2 done, will finish today. It was so warm in the afternoon I had a craving for potato salad and pasta salad - tasted really good with the the chicken for supper. Exercise class last night - stations, the slave driver wasn't there but we worked hard without her.
Grandmother's Journal:
17th October 1974: Rain today, overcast. Reg & Lore's places broken into. No bad damage. Upsetting.
18th October 1974: Mother and I to town. Nothing new, washed. Rain in town all day. None here at M.C. home at 4:30. Mike here this week and Beautiful morning.
19th October 1974: Very cold but nice day, some wind. Sunny. Overcast at times looked like snow. Bobbie, Bettie and Sid up this afternoon. What a surprise in the night. Snow started after 2:30am.
20th October 1974: 1st Snow - 5-6" here. What a day. What a morning. Snowing, blowing. Must have been a foot or more. Nasty all day. Stopped late afternoon but still overcast. Mike still here. Took him down in the morning. Nice quiet restful day. I hardly did anything. Knit most of a pair of mittens.

Pretty foggy on the lake first thing in the morning.
 But it wasn't long and the sky cleared and the sun came out. I was surprised that there were still some leaves left. No birds around though.
 The lake was perfectly calm.
 It was also a day for Dragonflies and mosquitoes!
 One lone Duck yesterday afternoon, showing off.

This was me at exercise class last night!

Enjoy your day!

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