Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 277 - 3rd October 2013 - Mushrooms, Ducks, Dragonflies and Flowers

Suppose to be another nice day, little cooler than yesterday - wind will be more northerly. Temperature is +9.6, still nothing to complain about for this time of year. Perhaps we are having an Indian Summer. It would be welcomed, some warmer temperatures for a while will make it easier on the woodpile. Stars are all out again this morning, takes me back many years ago when we learned about the Big Dipper etc in school.   I do have a book on star gazing, might have to dig that out sometime. Of course I would be the one looking at stars in the morning instead of at night when everyone else does. Back to work today, nothing exciting on my plate other than a few things I'd really like to say good bye to soon.
Can't believe what a beautiful day I had off. Weather felt more like August than October. No complaints here. Lexi and I had a good day, did the norm - laundry, housework. Made turkey soup, brown bread rolls and chocolate chip cookies. We took a few jaunts around the hood and visited with a neighbour. Haven't been through the woods since last week, amazing how things can change in such a short time. Some of the trees are looking pretty sparse of leaves, the path feels damp these days, doesn't dry out very quickly and more mushrooms popping up here and there.
 Not sure what this one is but it may be Emetic Russula. If it is it's poisonous.
 Lots of dragonflies still flitting around.
 Flowers have gone to berries.
 The ferns are paling in color as well.
 No idea what this one is.
 Lois' fall crocuses.
The ducks were enjoying a bit of sun on the rock.
 Still some wildflowers as well as a few bees.

Hiding out in the lilac bush. He looks a little ragged.

Enjoy your day!

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