Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 294 - 20th October 2013 - Colors, Lighthouse, Junco, Hermit Thrush and Cat Tails

The moon is drifting in and out behind the cloud cover this morning, no stars in sight. Temperature is +10.6 and we are suppose to have showers for the best part of the day. The rain will keep us in most of the day and there is still pumpkin and tomatoes to cook up along with other vegetables to put down. Also have some zucchini that could be shredded. So maybe a day in the kitchen.
Another sunny and warm fall day. A lot of the leaves have dropped but the one's still there are very pretty. Because it was nice, Lexi and I spent quite a bit of time outside. I did tackle the deep freezer - got most of it cleaned out, making a little more room for more tomato sauce, veggies, etc. There were some beans and fruit that had drifted to the bottom from 2010/2011. Since I'm in a good tossing mood, they went. So that was a job well done. Larry got home before supper so we jumped in the truck with camera and binoculars and took advantage of a few daylight hours. Headed to Port LaTour, Baccaro, Cape Sable Island then on to do grocery shopping in Barrington. Stopped at Thomson's in Clyde River for a quick bite to eat before heading home. Our date adventure was salvaged for another week. Didn't see a lot - a Sparrow Hawk (Larry identified with the binoculars) flying over head, some sparrows moving quickly through the brush, Canada Geese, Great Blue Heron and a few ducks. But we had a good few hours.
 Misty morning
 A little sunlight hitting the trees.
 It was very misty in this cove but the sun was coming through.
 Woodpecker having breakfast.

 The island looks like it's floating.
 Trick picture.
My Hermit Thrush playing coy with me.

 One of my favourite photos of today. Down at Baccaro light.
 Baccaro Light.
A very cute little Junco.

Enjoy your day!

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