Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 290 - 16th October 2013 - Great Blue Heron, Hermit Thrush, Reflections and the Lake

Wednesday, I slept so much better last night, temperature is + 10.4 and rain in the forecast. We really need it so won't complain. Looks like we will get lots, they have the big red "rain fall warning" bar on the weather site. So I'm off to town today, not quite ready to break my at home routine but need to do some errands, volunteer work etc. One day/week will keep me from being a total hermit.
Didn't have a great first day of winter hibernation as my friend calls it. Getting up at 2 am truly sucks, just saps the life out of me. So I was kind of sluggish all day, by noon I had a headache, tried sleeping but no luck there. Lexi and I did get out for our walks, a couple with her and one on my own first thing. Stewed up some more tomatoes and used those in an Italian sausage and rice casserole for supper. Leftovers on Wednesday and the pots and pans are all cleared up before supper - my kind of cooking. Cleaned some photos off my laptop, time to get some more storage space on there. Had a meeting in the evening, sure wish when people say they are coming they would actually show up.
 One advantage of haunting the same hood every day is you get used to rocks, leaves, trees etc and notice pretty quickly when something is new hiding among the trees.
 A Great Blue Heron - yah for me! I've seen many before but pretty exciting in our own lake.
 He flew to the other side of the cove, and I thought - perfect I know how I can get a little closer.

 A neighbour's front area on the lake - crawled over their canoes to get just a little closer.
 It was such a calm morning that his reflection looked like another bird.

 A hint of light through the trees.
 Love the bright red in the bushes.
 And of course my companion bird - Mr. Hermit Thrush.
Turned into a beautiful afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

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