Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 280 - 6th October 2013 - Sunrise over the Lake, Birds,a Boat and Ducks

Sunday, once again, temperature is +7.8 - no frost this morning. Think the deer are in the yard again, I could hear something and Lexi put up a bit of a fuss. Not that they ever seem to be bothered by her. Guess being a few feet from the house is probably a safe haven for them. Bow hunting season is open and later this month hunting will open in full force (with guns). Not that I have a problem with hunting, I just find all that sitting in trees and spending a load of money on apples and carrots isn't quite what you would call hunting. To each his own. No idea what we'll do today, hoping maybe we will get off somewhere - maybe a beach for a few hours.
Saturday was a beautiful day in the hood. I started off early at 6:30 am in my pj's and an old red and black checked jacket that I think belonged to my grandfather. Thank goodness everyone seemed to be in bed and it was still dark enough that I took a flashlight with me, but the sun was amazing as it came  up over the lake. Once I got home and had some breaky I headed back out again to see if I could find that little Ruby Crown Kinglet I spied on Friday - I did but he wasn't very photogenic.  Did some housework, laundry, stewed up some of the tomatoes that seem to be getting ahead of me for sauce and made a chocolate zucchini cake. And of course, Lexi and I roamed the hood some more. Visited with the gang at the Park last evening - pretty quiet bunch which suited us fine, we were both tired so didn't stay too late.
Love those early mornings on the lake.

One of the reasons I don't mind getting  up early.
 Kinglet was playing peek-a-boo.
The only sound on the lake, and it didn't last long.
 The Hermit Thrush was around too, but didn't seem to want his photo taken either.
 Every cove is a little different.
 I considered stretching out in the hammock and hiding from the world for just a little while.

One lone duck in the afternoon.

Enjoy  your day!

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  1. lol all hands were a tad bit sedate on Saturday night but the cake was awesome!! thank you