Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 298 - 24th October 2013 - Clouds, Clouds and Buoys

Expected to wake up to rain showers this morning, but nothing - they say it's suppose to clear later. Larry said the pavement was wet when he took Lexi out so maybe we got all we are going to have. I can live with rain at night. Temperature is +6.5, dark and dreary looking out. No stars. Will finish up the upstairs today and maybe start downstairs. Exercise class tonight - I truly could have used it last night - it's helps to work any frustration out that you may have.
Wednesday was a very rough day, so glad to get home at supper time. Think maybe I won't come out of the woods until next May. I deleted an email distribution list in the morning and of course it was no where to be found. So I had to reconstruct it. That didn't set a good tone for me.I guess on the brighter side I cleaned it out as well. We must always have a bright side to things. My wonderful cooking friend recapped pie crusts yesterday on his blog, I may just have to try it one more time but not for a few weeks.
 Some very colorful buoys hanging from a building.
 It was a lovely morning on the harbour.
 So calm - like glass.
 Fabulous clouds in the sky...
 and the harbour.
 Through the sky everywhere there were clouds.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Why is it if something is going to go catastophe etc.... it always happens on a Wednesday!!