Thursday, October 10, 2013

day 284 - 10th October 2013 - Ducks, Colors, Ferns and Hermit Thrushes

It's going to be a super long day  - up at 3 am. Temperature is +3.6 and the sky is lit up with stars. Another sign of fall, at least in my house - I get up twice as early as usual and roam the house. This usual starts before the time changes and lasts most of the winter. Doesn't happen every night but enough that I'm usually dead tired too many days of the week. I'm sure it has something to do with the daylight hours getting shorter. Anyway it just sucks! Only today and tomorrow left at work and I still have lots I'd like to get done. Fingers crossed I get everything finished up that I want.
It was another nice day Wednesday even though I was rather sluggish a good part of it. Did manage a few jaunts around the hood, that always puts me right again, especially with this kind of weather and wonderful views. Did all the normal stuff - laundry, floors etc. nothing terribly exciting about any of that. Cooked smoked fish with egg sauce, mashed potatoes and veggies. Larry whipped up an apple crisp after supper, and our house guest had to run in town so added ice cream to her purchases to go with it. Boy was it good. Nice to have a spouse who is comfortable in the kitchen. And you'll be happy to know he's finished in the woodpile as well, I'm sure some people think he lives there but it takes a while to get enough cut and split for the winter.
 I loved the colors in these oak leaves, so brilliant.
 The mallard in the foreground looks to be one of this year's young ones.
 Either the same Hermit Thrush follows me or there are a lot in the hood.
 It was preening time on the lake yesterday afternoon.

 The gang was all out.
And another, I think.
 Nature has such interesting lines.
 And still more.
I really don't believe it's the same guy.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Awesome photos....gee even the birds are growing on me!!