Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 303 - 29th October 2013 - Mist, Robin, Geese and Leaves

Internet glitch this morning, got up to none, then it came back but only for a few minutes. Oh this rural broadband really sucks. Temperature is below 0 this morning, -0.6 when we got up. The deck is glistening with frost/ice. Road will probably be a tad slippery for those heading out to work early. So I've got to do some regular housework today, got company coming on the weekend, so need to beat a path through the main drag or at least battle a few cobwebs. As is the norm I'll check out the hood to see if anything is flying around, no sign of those kinglets yesterday. They sure don't move early in the morning anymore.
The sun felt good yesterday but ooh that wind was cold. Managed to finish up the library, do the downstairs hallway and one other room yesterday. Lexi and I roamed the hood but not much was happening. Exercise class last night and I'm sure by Wednesday there will be hurtin' in my body. Rule of thumb is the pain doesn't come the day after but two days. I find that getting out and walking really makes a difference to what I'll suffer. After a year, I can skip longer, do more jumping jacks and some of those other cardio things I dislike so much. I do have to admit that it's a great stress reliever.
 Another misty morning on the lake.
 Still a few punches of color here and there.
 Lake was crystal clear and perfect for reflections.

 The sun shone through on the bare branches glistening with water droplets like fairy lights.
 Chickadee hiding out among the leaves.
 Still lots of Robins around.
 Cute that they are, I'm hoping some soon disappear.
 The geese were spending a lazy afternoon on the rock.
Late in the day the sky didn't look too friendly.

Enjoy your day!

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