Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 287 - 13th October 2013 - Sunrise, Pumpkins, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Waves

How nice it is to sleep til 5:30 am. Temperature is nippy this morning, +3.8 and the stars are all out. Looks like another nice day on the horizon. Fine weather for the next few days. We are off to Mom and Dad's this afternoon to enjoy our turkey dinner with family. I love the holiday meals at my parents, Mom is a wonderful cook and of course someone else's always tastes better too, or maybe it's just the company sharing the meal. The only draw back is no leftovers at home. The number around the table has gotten smaller these last few years, grandparents have passed on, grandchildren have grown up and moved away but the core is still there. No idea what the rest of the day will bring but with any luck it will be good and we'll embrace it.
Another fabulous day - sun was out, windy but overall - got to love it. At 5:30 am I'm squeezing pumpkin through cheesecloth to get the excess water out. Now I remember why I don't do pumpkin puree from scratch anymore. What to do with those other 3 pumpkins! Made pumpkin whoppie pies - a great hit by the look of the smiles on the faces and the fact that one individual who will remain nameless hid most of them in a cupboard for herself, so I guess all that work was well worth it. Did a quick walk early in the morning to catch the sunrise in my pj's around the hood. We headed into the park to check out the Pumpkin weigh in and festivities there, then off to see how our archaeologist house guest was faring on her dig. Larry even pitched in and helped with a few test holes and some screening. I of course was behind the camera. Then we took off and went to Blanche in search of birds. Pretty quiet day, think the wind and perhaps the duck hunters had made them somewhat elusive. Supper and then back to the park for an evening with the campers. All in all a great day.
 No mist or fog, just soft colors in the sky.
 Our campground friends have decorated for the festivities.
 Still a few colors in Welshtown.
 Everywhere I go I find a Hermit Thrush.
Yellow legs - not sure if they are Greater or Lesser, but I'm guessing Greater.
 A very very large flock of Starlings.

 Some settled back down on the power lines.

 Lots of surf at Blanche.

 And we saw 5-6 Yellow Rumped Warblers. Unfortunately there was a little pond between us and it was hard to get close.

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your day!

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  1. it was awesome to see you and the hubby last night and have a few laughs. Okay so it is not often that I am mean but those" pumpKIM" whoopie cookies were to die for!!! Thank you for
    making them but Iam not very thankful that you shamed me into sharing them :)