Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 299 - 25th October 2013 - Ducks, Geese, Leaves and Morning Light

Friday has rolled around again folks for all those off to work this morning the weekend is almost upon us. Stars are out the sky is clear but it's cool out there; temperature is +3.6. First day of deer hunting season - guess I better dig out my orange vest - means Lexi and I won't stray too far from the main drag and path. The first few days are the craziest!  Giving a little rain for the weekend. No great plans, so we'll see what the days bring us or where they take us. Today I'll start on the downstairs, maybe a day  in the library - dusting and cleaning books would be fun.
Thursday was a much calmer day. Nice to be home in the woods. Roamed the hood some, but it's pretty quiet these days, haven't even seen the Hermit Thrush for several days. Guess it's time for everyone to fly south or at least to warmer areas. Lots of wind though, leaves and pine spills blowing around. Well I finished the big clean upstairs - 5 rooms done. Still too soon to count down yet. Exercise class last night - wish I was coordinated. Just can't seem to get those dance steps!
Grandmother's Journal:
25th October 1974: To town to shop and wash. Fine day, snow going. Road a bit clearer. Kim came back when we came home with us for weekend. Overcast late in the day.
26th October 1974: Home all day. Didn't do much. Kim and I in house all day. Lovely day. Rained overnight. Most of the snow gone now. Wind cold but quite warm and lovely in late day. Bobbie and Mike up during the day. Bear Pointers up to the River. Kim and I played crib. Time change tonight. [I think we now have another week before it changes]
27th October 1974: Very big hail stones. Windy. Turned out fine. Very windy and cold. Bobbie and Bettie and kids here all afternoon. Took Kim home. Bettie and Ivan Spears dropped in tonight. Had a short visit. Enjoyed having them. 
 In for a landing.
 Mallard - they can sure put the brakes on fast.
 Very serene as the sun was coming through.
 A little Song Sparrow hides from me.
 The children are back - preening so they can enjoy the sunshine on the rock.

Lots of leaves on the road now.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thanks just what we both needed a little bit. Of Grandmother to end a difficult week. Nice one of the sunrise and the song sparrow. Here's to an uneventful day and a relaxing weekend.