Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 302 - 28th October 2013 - Leaves, Ducks, Lake and Golden-crowned Kinglets

It's Monday and back to the work week, temperature is +3.4. Stars are all out, sky is clear and even though the moon is not very big it's shining brightly. That means I'm back to the purge and clean. Sounds like another exciting day on my front. Lexi and I will roam the hood and see if those Golden-crowned Kinglets pop up again. It's one thing to see them, another to get a good photo. Exercise class tonight, sure she'll have some lovely surprises for us.
In order to have a more enjoyable Sunday I really need to figure out how to stay in bed past 4 am! Ugh, I felt drug out and sluggish most of the day with a nagging headache.  I shouldn't whine, some people have more problems  than me with my middle of the night roaming.  Am thinking if it had been a nice sunny morning instead of rain and grey skies I might have felt more like doing something. Did do a bit of housework and got most of the library finished - still a few hours left there. The weather broke late in the afternoon so I took a quick jaunt around the hood. Larry took Lexi for a good run up the road and stopped for more vegetables from the garden for supper. Roast Chicken for supper. Having a nice big meal on Sunday reminds me of Sunday dinners at one or the other of my grandparents.
 These Oak leaves are holding on.
 Most of the trees were dripping from the morning rains.
 Some of the ducks were huddled together on the rock.
 Found 3 of these Golden-crowned Kinglets, flitting around the trees. Boy are they fast!
 Robins were hiding in the thickets.
 Bright green lichen decorates the trees.
 One of the many Mallards.
 Those clouds didn't look all that friendly.
I'm surprised the birds haven't picked these berries clean.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Oh gotta love those big Sunday dinners...the birds are growing on me by the way lol